Montana Law clearly outlines that emails of official nature are the property of Montanan's Period ! There is no question! or any doubt!

You look at the evidence and see if you do not come up with the same conclusion!!

Bullock took an oath to uphold ALL the Laws of Montana.

    - Not just the ones he likes!

    - Nor Just the ones that fit his agenda!

Does it not seem clear that the standard we hold for state leadership should be impeccable.

Are we not duty bound to fire Bullock?

Bullock's Oath to be Lawful

Montana Code Annotated MCA is where all our Montana Laws are recorded for access.

Regarding Emails and Office communications MCA is very Specific!

Montana Operations Policy is very clear as well! (below)

Montana Law clearly defines what emails are to be saved and on what schedule.

Can Montanan's allow leadership that thumbs their nose at the written laws they take an oath to uphold!

Admission of Guilt??

Bullock as the leading Law officer in Montana when Attorney General. Knowingly Broke the law deleting every email of his AG Office!

Like Hillary, Bullock claims none his emails were Official business thus verifying He did nothing as Attorney General??

                 What else are we to conclude?

How can we not terminate any official that knowingly breaks the law!

Bullocks lack of respect for Montana's law disqualifies him from public office!

Means bringing opportunity to montanan's!