Knowledge is the glue of society.

Erosion of our society and its principles, center around one simple truth, the erosion of knowledge.

Webster says, "Knowledge is acquaintance with facts, truths or principles". In reading material on the constitution I ran into a
quote from Hosea that says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" In our Declaration of Independence we read, "We hold these truths to be self evident" in other words we have knowledge and it is evident. Our forefathers proceeded to outline the evident wrong doing of the tyranny of British kings toward the states, and followed up later with the Constitution and bill of rights that sought to prevent the same tyranny from happening again. The great experiment as our society has been called worked well for the first hundred years and slowly started to falter thereafter. And in the last twenty five years, our decline has rapidly increased, even as our knowledge as a people has decreased.

Ask anyone who has recently gained citizenship to our country and they can recite the principles of our beginnings and the reality of our path through knowledge of our basic principles. Who after becoming a citizen, find disappointment as our own young don't even have a clue as to what we as a country started out to be about, nor the knowledge of what freedoms we have gained by the understanding of our beginnings.

We have as a result gone from a nation that respects the inalienable rights of our constitution to one that centers more and more around the individual pursuit of happiness, which has become the pursuit of lusts at the expense of our neighbors and fellow man.

Instead of giving our young the knowledge of how to protect our neighbors in the understanding of the true freedoms gained by knowing our rights and their impacts on each other, we teach anger management that deals with the symptoms of a lack of knowledge. Instead of giving our Young the building blocks of reading and writing, knowledge that enables them to formulate and
develop their own person, we see philosophy and thought training taught. Even the knowledge of simple problem solving, is being robbed from our young by the teaching of advanced studies. Yes computer skills at a young age are impressive, but the resultant loss of never having gained the knowledge of the beginnings, and the thought processes that make up the background, and show where it is we have come, make for a less functional member in our society.

So knowledge therefore becomes the tool by which we build our society, our relationships, our businesses, and our ultimate successes.

Money is another issue that has corrupted our system, by its effect on knowledge, or rather on how we attain knowledge. It is my feeling that modes of media should be profitable only in its entertainment aspects and that as a whole, the news media is bound in its duty to report the news. In recent years we have seen the promotion of the individual’s rights over society’s rights as a whole. The role of our news media today is one of chewing up our knowledge and editorializing it and feeding us what the reporter thinks and not the facts. There is no other way that we as individuals can gain knowledge of our society, than to turn to our Quote unquote "news"papers, yet it is possible most every day to pick up a newspaper and not find one fact, except in the obituaries and announcements. It seems that to find out what really happened somewhere, you have to have firsthand knowledge of the incident, to know what actually took place.

I believe that even as our forefathers discovered and dealt with the self evident position of government, their meaning is clear in article ten of the bill of rights, article ten says, "the enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

So, as our society remains intact by our adherence to the principles set down by our forefathers, so the educating of our young must be based on those same principles. The basic knowledge of those principles must return to our classrooms, then and only then will the erosion cease.

Education should be about giving our youth the tools to have a better life.

   - How to think for themselves!

   - How to Create incomes through innovation!

   - How to manage finances!

   - Independence!

   - Job Skills!

Sadly our Government education fails on all counts!

Indoctrination Rules!

Our History Books are being rewritten!

The savagery of the native cultures is overlooked and trivializzed, and the reactions to the savagery are being made into crimes.

Professiors are given free reign in the subject matter they are allowed to teach and radical rules of order are being presented as facts even in our small community colleges.

Awareness needs to increase!

Means bringing opportunity to montanan's!

Failings of System !

Blatant Lies!

The 1% are given a voice to present their errant lifestyles as normal !

Confusion of how to respect others is forced onto young minds!

Sinful pleasuers are presented as normal and violations of others are overlooked!

Alternative Religions are given a voice regardless of parental preference!