Means bringing opportunity to montanan's!

Denise and her Democratic Party have made America what we have become!

Denise also dishonestly accuses Republicans who want our public lands to be managed, of wanting to sell public lands, as she has signed off on the sale of public lands. (See the evidence)

"The Democrat Agenda that chooses to create discord and discontent, that would create factions and conflict are what Denise is all about"

Does Denise Juneau line up with Montana values?

You decide based on her emails!

Denise Supports:

  • Common Core - a plan for mind control not better education!

  • Bathroom Confusion!

  • Federal Interference in Montana Policy!

  • School Choice for No One!

  • Selling Public Lands

  • Name calling in her emails

Denise Juneau readily admits that she is part of the 1 percent or less that would place her lifestyle choices ahead of the citizens of the State of Montana!

Truth is not Hate!

Dishonesty is!